Uploading Tracks

Before you upload files you need to create a new Song in Tonic Audio, which is a repository for your files. Songs are made up of many audio files, including samples, multitracks, stems, mixes, masters, and even non-audio files such as artwork and lyrics. 

1.  Click on " My Songs", then click "+ New Song".

2. You will be presented with a screen to add the name of your new song. Here you'll also have options to replace the default image, automatically create useful subfolders, and adjust the song's permissions. Once you're done, click on " Add". 

3. Next upload your files into your new Song. Click on "Upload".

4. Since "Create Default Folders" was selected when creating this new song, you'll see them listed below. Navigate to the folder you'd like to import your files into and select: "File Upload" (uploads individual files), "Folder Upload" (upload an entire folder of files), or "Upload from Dropbox", where you can bring your existing files from Dropbox and directly into your Tonic Audio Song. 

5. Once you've uploaded your file(s), you can toggle between two screens, "Details" and "Media".

The "Details" page is where you can play your song, choose the version of the song you want to hear, invite collaborators, and adjust your permissions.

The "Media" page is where you'll see all of the files that you've imported into your song. The song below was imported into the "Ideas" subfolder, as indicated next to the song's name. 

The yellow star indicates this track will be the one that's played on the "Details" page. You also have an icon to allow you to download the track and three vertical dots allow you do upload a new version on top of the existing (giving you the option to hear different version), move the file up one folder level, rename the filename, or delete the file from the song. 

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