Sharing Songs

There are two ways to share a song: Invite collaborators directly to your song or making your song public and sharing the link. We'll explain both below.

Inviting Collaborators 

Inviting collaborators directly to your song is useful for those whom you're working with closely. Song collaborators can only contribute to the specific song they are invited to. If they already on Tonic Audio you would simply search by their username and send the invite. If they are not on Tonic Audio you can invite them via e-mail. You can keep track who has been invited and/or accepted in the invite menu. You may also remove any collaborator easily. A key advantage of adding collaborators who are already on Tonic Audio is the ability for them to find all songs they're providing feedback on under the "My Collaborations" link on the left side of the interface. 

1. To invite a collaborator, click the icon highlighted below.

2. You will be presented with a screen where you can search for their username if they are an existing Tonic user or their e-mail address if they are not. You will also see a list of existing collaborators on your song as well as a red "X" that allows you to remove any collaborator. 

Once you search for and select your collaborator you'll see a green tab with their username. Next, click on the purple Invite button.

3. The user you invited (Tatiana, in the example below) will be notified via their Tonic Audio notification icon, as well as email, that you've invited them to collaborate on your song. They will not show up as a collaborator, nor will they see your song, until they accept your invitation, as shown below.

4. Your new collaborator, Tatiana, can now listen to your song and provide feedback (provided you have commenting enabled).

Sharing Your Song Link with Collaborators 

The second way of sharing your song is to make it public and sharing the link with others. 

1. If your song is marked "Private", you will need to change the song's settings to make it public. Do this by clicking on the gear.

2. In the "Edit Song" dialog, click on "Permissions", then enable "Make song public". Afterward, click on "Save".  

Also enable "Allow commenting" if you want authenticated users to be able to leave you comments on your song. Enable "Allow anonymous public commenting" if you plan to share your song with individuals who are not already on Tonic Audio if you want them to be able to leave you comments on your song as well. 

3. You will now see a purple "Share" button. 

4. This brings up a custom link in that you may copy and share with anyone with whom you want to hear your song. 

5. The recipient does not need to be on Tonic Audio in order to give you feedback. However, they will not be able leave comments for you unless you also enable "Allow anonymous public commenting" (see step 2 above).

6. With "Allow anonymous public commenting" enabled, individuals who are not on Tonic Audio may leave you comments, as well as their name and the part of the song they are referencing by clicking the small clock in the lower left corner.

7. Here the song owner will see Jane's comment, a person who is not a member of Tonic Audio. She also indicated that section of the song that she's commenting on via the linked timestamp.

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